About Me

Over the years, I've built skills in mastering, mixing, software development, live sound, studio recording, and professional musicianship through a large amount of projects, including sharing the stage with artists such as Sister Nancy and Leroy Sibbles and opening for artists such as The Wailers. I compose new music regularly, play actively in multiple musical projects, and integrate my love of music and technology in projects such as plugin design and experimenting with guitar pedals.

I hold a combined degree in Music and Computer Science from the University of Victoria, have worked as a full-stack software engineer and DevOps engineer, and completed a one-year post-graduate program in Music Production and Recording at the University of Stavanger in Norway, where my self-directed work in the program consisted of VST and AU plugin development.


Mastering makes sure your record, single, or any other audio project makes it out the door sounding the best that it possibly can. In addition to being a subjective art form, it is the final quality check that ensures the project will sound the way you intended in as many places as possible.

I provide a final set of ears (and meter-focused eyes) through my business Dulcet Mastering. Rates and more info are available on that site.


I offer high-quality mixing services for clients located anywhere in the world. I've mixed music in all types of genres, and can help you get the most out of the tracks you've recorded. Mixing services are also offered through my mastering business, Dulcet Mastering.


Phonosonics - New Again LP

New Again is the debut full-length album from the Phonosonics. Since 2015 this Victoria, Canada-based Rocksteady and Early Reggae revival group has gone from critical darling and indie radio favourite to playing with such legends as the Wailers, Leroy Sibbles and Sister Nancy and features on some of the biggest Reggae radio shows on the planet.
I play trumpet on this album, and composed the song "Get There Slow".

Anthony Shackell (Eponymous)

Eponymous album of 7 songs written over 5 years, featuring musicians Brady Zomer, Adam Bruce, Amy-Lynne Toth, Spencer Cleave, Chris Calvin, and myself. Mixed by myself, mastered by Elisa Pangsaeng.

Phonosonics - Reggae Don't Pay the Rent EP

5 songs featuring me on trumpet.

Phonosonics - Wingardium Levioska

A "magical" single released for halloween in 2019 featuring me on trumpet.

Phonosonics - Me and Mrs. Jones (feat. Leroy Sibbles)

A collaboration between Phonosonics and one of the architects of Rocksteady, Mr. Leroy Sibbles of the Heptones. This single was followed with a joint performance between Phonosonics and Leroy at the Victoria Ska and Reggae Festival.

Phonosonics - Rocksteady Heavyweights

The first single off of Phonosonics' debut full-length LP, composed by myself and Spencer Cleave.

The Capital Collective - A Capital Christmas

Two christmas tracks arranged by Phil Hamelin for 17-piece Ska orchestra. Recorded by Phil and myself, with me and him splitting the 4 trumpet parts between us, as well as tracking all other musicians over 3 days.

Wet Cigarette - Uncut

8 tracks composed by me and the rest of the band, with me on bass (and vocals on one track). Recorded live in Victoria, BC.

Anthony Shackell - New Growth EP

3 tracks written, performed, recorded, mixed, and mastered by myself.



WIP UI of the delay plugin.

A WIP closed-source C++/JUCE VST/AU delay plugin. Currently consists of a digital delay, but will be expanded to include first-order lo/hi cut filters, simple LFO modulation, and tape delay emulations consisting of models derived from both existing plugin emulations and physical tape machines. The source will eventually be opened with the first release, so pull requests and issues can be raised by users.